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Modern Dentistry of Memphis
Dr John Reddick and Dr Mark MacGaw
Smiles that compliment the Portrait


A smile is an important feature of our being.  It reflects outwardly our inner being physically, mentally and emotionally.  My passion for bettering lives through pain management and portrait dentistry has been a blessing in my own life giving me a destined purpose as a human being.   Most importantly it has rewarded me with grateful and appreciative patients.
"To Dr. John- One of the most committed creative artist I have the honor of knowing" Lucy Shaw 5/13/12
Inscribed on the title page of her wonderful book: "BE NOT ANXIOUS: Using a Self-Help Tool to Follow Biblical Wisdom"

Dr. Reddick, This is the first time I can say I have beautiful teeth. Kathy B.

Dr. John, It is hard to say in words how my life has changed with the bite work you have done. Randy L

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